These Ladies Prove that It’s Not What You Wear-It’s How Your Wear It!

I say this over and over again.
No matter how small you budget is, you can look glam.
I have seen people who spend outrageous sums of money on outfits still look like house girl.
I have also seen people with little outfit budgets look good.
It is how you wear it girl!
Learn to experiment and dress up what you have in your wardrobe.
Take a look at this little black dress worn by these ladies.
They both bring their own personal pizzazz to it and they turn out beautiful!
According to Kelly-

Blog: Kelly Augustine
Instagram: @kellyaugustineb

“I go through style phases the way I think everyone does. Recently, I’ve been considering things like cost per wear, which has helped me refine my wardrobe a little bit (but only a little). I think a moto jacket fixes anything, and this one is convertible — I’m wearing it cropped, but there’s an extra piece you can zip onto the bottom to make it longer, so it’s really versatile. I also love low- or mid-heel shoes, and these have a mixed media element with the patent-leather toe. I like the classics, just elevated.”

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According to Sunita

Blog:Sunita V

“My personal style is eclectic. It can depend on my mood or the weather; sometimes I’m a stereotypical New Yorker in all black, sometimes I’m more of a hippie, and some days I like to go more mod. Today, I went for a glam party look that wouldn’t overpower the dress — just a patterned jacket, dangly earrings, and lace-up heels with contrasting colors.”

Take a look-

little black dress 1

little black dress2

little black dress3

little black dress 4

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