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Women Condoms: How to Use them


Female condoms are condoms worn by women.Meaning instead of the man wearing the condom, you the lady wears it

It is important that a lady, you learn to take your sexual health into your hands- there is nothing wrong with having a condom in your bag.

The female condom  looks like a normal condom that is a little larger.To effectively use it, you may want to practise a bit.

Some things you should know include

  1. It is great for those who have latex allergy.

Female condoms are made from polyeretane, so if you are one of those few  Nigerian women with latex allergy, you are safe!

  1. It can be inserted long before intercourse and even go to bathroom while it is still in#
  2. It takes a little practise to get used to So don’t panic if you don’t get it right the first time
  3. It is sold in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world- you may need to search a little more in this parts, but you will find

See this infographic on how to use it.

women condom how to use

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