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Tosyn Bucknor Shares 5 Facts About Her Beauty and Style



When it comes to OAP Tosyn Bucknor the first thing (maybe only thing) is her hair.

We all know she is team natural and she has been an advocate of natural before it became a cool trend everyone wanted to latch on to.

She recently had an interview with Genevieve’s Asake Agoro and she had a few things to say about her hair.

On Dressing up or Dressing Down ?

Im more about wearing something that makes me comfortable. I always try to find out what the event is about so I dress for it.  I love wearing shorts a lot. If it is dancing I would wear a short dress of jeans and a dressier top

Her Goto to beauty product 

I think I like foundation. Sometimes I don’t even use powder. I like to try different products.

I have tried lancome, black up…now I’m using house of Tara.

On How Long She has Had dreads

I’ve been natural for most my life but my dreads have been for 5 years.

Her Hair Regime

I like to pretend I have a hair regime but I think the best thing you can do for your hair is to just let it be. My hair let me knows when it wants to be washed. So I wash once a week. I like to use oils while its still a bit wet. I use baby oils for almost everything.

Does your hair grow out like this naturally ?

I twisted it when it was short. But now it grows out like this. My dad and my sister wer born natural dreads so now I feel it runs in the family. My hair never relaxed. S0 one day I cut it all off. When it grew I twisted it and now it grows like that. I’ve never had to wax it or lock it.


Genevieve Magazine has the full interview

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