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3 Simple Tips that will Magically Reduce Hair Breakage

  1. Stop using Rubber bands:pack-of-250-small-mini-hair-elastics-rubber-braiding-bands-for-dreads-cornrows-braiding-black_4298991

That handy rubber band is the little fox that pulls , snags and rips at  one’s hair.

Have you noticed that after a while, rubber bands begin to have hair round it.

That’s your precious hair it  stole away

Change style- Regularly

Avoid Hair Breakage

Another lazy thing we do is get used to and stick to one style. What this does is opens you the risk of hair breakage in one spot. Hair around that area begins to look choppy , uneven and thin.

Change your style.

3:Wear Protection :

Wearing is  ever nightcap do wonders in reducing the rate at which your hair breaks. Wear protective caps.

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