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Skirt & Blouse Asoebi Styles|Native Styles that Pop!


Hey diva!

So you want to select a style for you skirt and blouse native wear?

You are in the right place.

Asoebi skirt and blouse are the usual go to style. That does not mean it should be boring.

How do you jazz up you asoebi styles so you stun- everytime?

I’l tell you how?

Play with the colors– if the asoebi material is berry pink, mix with another colour. Be it a colour close to it or  a contrasting colour.Mixing colours really jazzes up your skirt and blouse

Play with the fabric:
Have ankara? Add a little lace to it and voila!

 Play with the Neck and Back

It does not always have to be a simple v or round neck- be creative!

Well, that why i gathered these really cool styles you will absolutely fall in love with!

See how these divas applied the principles i talked about.


asoebi skirt and blouse style in red and white bare bck asoebi ankara native wear skirt and blouse style lemon and blue asoebi skirt and blouse style off shoulder blue asoebi style red and gold asoebi native wears skirt and blouse ankara asoebi native style yello asoebi styles wit sexy neck details

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