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It’s Time for Your Nail Polish to Go Nude- Here’s How to do It Right


When you are in doubt of what color of nail polish to use, go nude. Once you are on to the right shade for your skin tone- a lot can be down with the simple yet sassy color!

Try any of these  next time you are getting your nails done in nudes.


  1. Highlight one nail:

Design one or more of your nails while painting the rest nude. The design you use is up to your imagination! 🙂

  1. Add glitters and stones:

Think nude is too subdued for your taste? Throw in a little glitter here and some stones there. Voila! Glam nails appear!

  1. Go stiletto:

Going for sharp chic nails adds some spunk to your nails

  1. Add roses/bows:

One word- cute!

  1. Just leave plain :

Simple is sophistication. Just leave your nails simply nude and watch has your nails become eye-catching without being gaunt!

Look 2 (@elite_eboness)

Look 1 (@elite_eboness)

Painting your nails in Nudes

Look 2 (@alexnicole_nails)


Look 3 (@hayleesnails_)

Look 3 (@hayleesnails_)


Look 4 (@lillynailsab )

Look 4 (@lillynailsab )


Look 5 (@marijaamakyy)

Look 5 (@marijaamakyy)


Look 6 (@valerierenee_)

Look 6 (@valerierenee_)


Look 7 (@ronniethecreep)

Look 7 (@ronniethecreep)



  • Lade says:

    I have consistently been rocking nude nails for the past months now. They are just too cool tbh. Great tips

  • Biola says:

    Hi there. I got addicted to this blog after following on twitter. Good job! Believe me when I say I’ve gotten a lot of aso ebi styles, nail designs and all from this blog. Keep up the good work!

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