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How to make Kourtney Kardashian’s Avocado Smoothie


Yesterday we talked about her house. Today let’s look at her smoothie

Ok,so my idea of a smoothie is usually buying watermelon , sometimes adding pineapple, a little ice, blending  and toasting to the good life.Lol

However, recently I’v been thinking of upgrading my smoothie skills!

I noticed this  green smoothie that Kourtney Kardashian took on Keeping Up with the Kardashian.

I did a google search and I saw a few people talking about blending Ugu- EEw!

Not till I saw that Kourtney Kardashian actually shared the recipe on her app!

It gets better.

Lara Parker (a writer) tried it out.

See the recipe and pictures below.

Ingredients You Need

what you need

  • ORGANIC cane sugar
  • ORGANIC avocados
  • ORGANIC whole milk
  • Manuka honey (Optional)
    If you are like me, you probably pretended as if you did not see Organic. Lol- Orga what?
    Ppulease (I wish I was a healthy buff I swear) 


Add a cup of whole milk, two teaspoons of sugar, the avocado, and then you blend it till you get that pudding like texture.



Now Consume Like a Queen!


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