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Wondering How to Decode that Dress Code? This is All the Help You Need!


Decoding dress codes can be tricky!

Ever got a dress code, though yyou had it covered only to get to the venue of the event to see you are the odd one out?

I know right?!

Well, that is the purpose of this post- so it never happens again! Whats more? You even have a guide if you are going with bae.




The only rule here is that you should not show up in sweat pants- otherwise, you are free to wear anything you please. Jeans and casual blouses are your friends.



Business Casual:

business casual

Dress 9 to 5 appropriate.

Business Attire

business attire



Garden Party| Festive Attire

decoding dress codes


Semi- Formal

decoding semi formal wear




Black Tie Optional/Creative Black Tie

creative black tie



Black Tie

black tie




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