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How to Apply Mascara Like A Make-Up Artist



In these days of falsies, mascaras are quickly taking the back sits.

Let’s be honest though, a lot of those long sweeping things can be too dramatic for everyday life and they hardly look natural. That is when we fall back to our beloved mascaras.

So how do you wear you mascaras perfectly well? I’l  give you three tips that will help them be on fleek! All the time.

  1. Look Down When Applying:
    When applying your mascara, instead of looking up or straight into the mirror like we are most likely to, look down into the mirror

This way, you avoid smudging your eyelids, as you swipe your mascara brush upwards.

  1. Add Volume With Baby Powder:
    Want thick and lustrous eyelashses? No problem! Dust on a little powder brush on your eyelashes before apply your mascara. Voila! Volume in seconds.
  2. Give Your Bottom Lashes Some Attention:
    Most times, we are used to applying mascara to the top our lids and closing that chapter. However, if you want a little more voluminous eyelashes and attention grabbing eyes, put some mascara on your lower eyelashes and watch your eyes pop!

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