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Here’s Why You Should Not Wash Your Bra Too Often


Sometime back I had an argument talk with a group of friends.
The question was how often should you wash your bra?
The second question was- how often do you wash your bra.?
Naturally a lot of girls would gravitate towards saying you should wash your bra more often-like duh that’s the neat thing to do. But what if I told you experts say otherwise.
The experts over at custom online bra shop True&Co gave their advice and you will be surprised what they say
First they say- it’s not wise to wash your bra too often- especially after one usage. Instead you should wear you bra at least 4 or 5 times.
Then wash.
It is not cast in stone though. It is subject to other factors such as smelling, sweating etc.The rule of thumb is if it smells fine, then it is alright.
So why should you not wash your bra too often?
Here are three reason why!
Over-washing can lead to
• fibre breakdown
• loss of elasticity
• faster wear and tear.
So stay braed up!



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