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Fancy Asoebi Styles: The Asoebi Jumpsuit


Have you ever gotten  a lace material for your asoebi outfit and was just over the normal styling? I’m talking the regular skirts and blouses, peplums dresses, gowns… Sometimes  you just want more- not something suffocatingly elaborate- just something easy to wear yet stylish!

I have!

When I did, I found this asoebi style that simply took my breathe away!

It’s the asoebi jumpsuit!

Yet not sewn with ankara, but sewn  with fancy lace.

These styles are ultimate style statements and no ,don’t worry, you are not  “wasting” your precious material!
Take a look at these ladies as they rock their styles (i threw in one that is just pants and a cute top).See if you like them 😉

peach asoebi and gold gele, asoebi jumpsuit, asoebi styles

asoebi jumpsuit, blue gele, white lace, mini asoebi style

Asoebi jumpsuit, green lace, green asoebi style, green gele

purple asoebi, asoebi gele, peplum asoebi wear

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  • Sharmaine says:

    Good day,
    Can you help. Where can I purchase an African outfit aso ebi wedding dress online. Thanks in advance

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