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Don’t Waste It! Spray Your Perfume in these Six Places!


The “pulse points” are places on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin.
Why should you spray these spots?
They produce heat
This heat helps intensify and heighten perfumes. It also helps them rise into the air.
These are your Six Pulse Points for spraying perfumes!

1. Base of Throat
2. Inner Wrists
3. Behind Ear Lobes
4. In the Cleavage
5. Behind knees
6. The Inner Elbows

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Side Tip- One spray for each pulse point. The smell of your perfume should not be overpowering.
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  • sdk says:

    Nice tips. But I hope there are no health issues associated with applying perfumes on the bare skin especially to these said “pulse areas”?

    • The Plushist says:

      Hi! It depends. If you are using the right type and quality of perfume, you shouldnt have health issues. However, some people have really sensitive skin. If you are like that, then dont spray directly on your skin but on your clothes to avoid irritation.
      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  • sdk says:

    Ok. I understand.
    Can you recommend some high quality and original perfumes?

    • The Plushist says:

      Ok cool.
      I try not recommend specific brands but il do a post on how to choose quality perfumes and will share.
      Thanks 🙂

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