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Beauty Tips! Skin, Hair and Face Homemade Items that Will Change Your Life


Don’t we all just love a good beauty tip! Now it gets better when it is homemade- cheap and easy to use.
I’l give you a few

  1. Smell  good with Homemade Natural Deodorant!

    All you need is coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch and voila!
    See recipe here
    2. Got Acne? No problem- Moisturize your skin with this!
    honey- health and beauty benefits
    Make use of honey as a face mask- It moisturizes your skin and has anti-bacterial properties!

3. Dandruff Hates Egg Yolk and Olive Oil
beauty tips for hair

Bothered about dandruff? All you need is egg yolk and olive oil!

4. Another hair tip!

beauty tips for hair moisture

Moisturize your hair with olive oil and honey mask.Heat the mask and your hair would absorb it faster. Get the full recipe here



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