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5 Super Useful Beauty Hacks MUAs won’t tell You



1 Substitute with a low-end Mascara wand

using a high-end mascara and the wand is already worn out? Buy a cheap mascara and make use of the wand.Swap the lids if they fit or use the other mascara’s wand when applying.

2.Tame stubborn eyebrow hair

Have hairy stubborn eyebrow hair? . Put hairspray on an unused toothbrush and use the bristles to comb your eyebrows.

  1. Use Vaseline as under-eye cream

    Can’t afford expensive undereye cream? Use vaseline- it’s inexpensive and more effective.

4. Get your right foundation colour

When looking for the right foundation color, test the foundation on your neck instead of on the back of your hand.

  1. Trick on how to fix your eyelashes

    “Put a compact or handheld mirror down flat below your chin. Look down at the mirror but keep your head facing forward, then apply the lashes. This helps you get closer to your natural lash line and less obvious you’re wearing falsies.”

Photo Credit: Twitter.

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