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7 Essentials You Should Always Travel With


There are certain things every diva must not forget to carry along with her whenever  she is going on a trip.

They make her trip easier to handle- I’l give you 7!

  1. Headphones:
    Nothing is worse than boarding a plane and realizing that you have left behind your headphones. You want one that is high-quality, super-stylish, foldable and stylish.
  2. Comfy Shoes:
    Your feet will tell you thank you- you don’t want to be wearing uncomfortable shoes especially when you are always on long flights.
  3. Super-Hot Sunglasses:

Trendy Sunglasses protects your face from the sun and also help you look pulled together when you don’t have time to glam up your make-up

  1. Chic Flats:
    For when you can easily switch out of your trainers
  2. Large Tote:
    Everything can fall into your tote bag- super-handy
  3. An Easy Cleanser:
  4. Fun Hat

travel essentials

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