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4 Habits You Need to Avoid If You Want Stunning Hairline



Having great edges are necessary for some hairstyles to look good.

But what happens when you edges are quickly eroding and you don’t know what the problem is?

I’l give you 4 things you need to stop doing to get your edges to grow out

  1. Avoid wearing hairstyles that are tight

Don’t let your stylist make your hair too tight.

  1. Detangle Your Hair Gently.

Don’t attack you hair. Always detangle with wide tooth comb or with your hands. Also pay particular attention to your hairline when detangling your hair. Detangling it roughly would only result to breakage in that area.

  1. Do not use glue on your hair:
    Any weave or lace wig that absolutely requires that you use glue is not worth it.
  2. Relax the hairline last:

The hairline as the most fragile part of our hair should be relaxed last so as to prevent breakage. Over processing of the hairline will usually result in breakage.

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