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3 Beauty Experts Share How Make-Up Has Changed their Lives


What does make-up mean to you?
A mask?
Well we asked three beauty experts what make up means to them- They give really interesting answers!
1. Chanel Boateng| Beauty Vlogger

Chanel Boateny Beauty vLOGGER

Chanel Boateng

“I am extremely confident and comfortable in my own skin and very often, day to day, I am makeup free. However, very often also I have on a full face of makeup. It gives me a boost of confidence and makes me feel extra girly! It has shaped my image as I am a lot more outgoing, chatty, and assertive when I am out and about!”

YouTube: Chanel Boateng
Instagram: @Chanelboateng

2. Jouelzy| Youtuber & Writer


“I’ve found makeup to be both empowering and a crutch. But overall it’s helped me to find the beauty in me. Whether it’s becoming comfortable wearing brightly colored lipstick instead of attempting to hide my full lips with neutral colors or feeling like I don’t always have to wear a full beat because my ‘imperfections’ are beautiful.”

YouTube: Jouelzy
Instagram: @Jouelzy

3.Sonjdra Blood, aka SonjdraDeluxe, makeup artist and YouTuber


“As a makeup artist, I like to think of makeup as a decoration and self-appreciation. In my mind, I have to be able to love myself in order to spend the time decorating myself with makeup. My makeup tutorials are filled with bold colors and playing with the artistry of makeup in unconventional ways. Makeup has shaped me in just that way: to be bold, unconventional, and always striving to do my best.”

YouTube: Sonjdradeluxe
Instagram: @sonjdradeluxe

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