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7 Times Uzo Aduba Gave Use Midi Dress Fever

uzoamaka aduba crazy eyes, orange is the new Black (6)

Uzoamaka Aduba is one of the Nigerian ladies making us proud in Hollywood.

How refreshing it is to know that a multi-award winning Hollywood actress is from Anambra state!

Well, apart from being a winner of multiple awards, she is also a winner style wise.

The definitely knows how to bring it on dress-wise. Take a look at 7 times Uzo Aduba gave us midi-dress fever!

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Wedding Gowns 2016: 23 Stunning Naija Brides in their Wedding Dresses to Inspire You

wedding gowns in Nigeria, wedding gowns, wedding dresses (16)

Wedding gowns are a big part of every woman’s wedding.

Whether they are A-line, a ball gown, sleeveless or with sleeves, you want it to reflect your taste.

Choosing the best wedding dress starts from knowing the details that are most important to you.

Then take a look at how other brides have looked in their own outfits-t hat will help you determine what you want and don’t want.

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What to Wear

Going Out Tomorrow? 10 Outfit Ideas to Choose from!

what to wear (6)

A lot of us already have plans for tomorrow. Some are going for a house party, maybe kayaking, movies or an event.

Whichever the case I’v got a few style ideas for you.

A little tip though- if you feel the outfit ideas are a little too dressy, substitute the heels with a simple pair of cute sandals and you are good!

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Three Simple Habits that Will Slow Down Your Aging Process


We will all age someday. But truth is- some people will age slower than others.Think Gabrielle Union and others like her.In their 40s they look like they are in their twenties (no exaggeration here)

So what is the secret? A multi-thousand dollar cream or maybe the sweat of a unicorn?

Not really!

The real secrets that slow down aging are at our fingertips.

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What to Wear

Pretty Jumpsuit Styles from OAP-Kome Osalor


Jumpsuits are in the limelight this season!
Both locally and internationally, a lot of females are quickly discovering the amazing powers (lol) of the right type of jumpsuit  and are quickly jumping on it! (no pun intended)

What is this power I speak of? Well, once you can recognize the right jumpsuit style that suits your body shaoe, you are set! It highlights and hides your curves depending on the way you want it. It also tends to bring a sort of equilibrium to your entire look.

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